Impact of Contractors' Prequalification Criteria (CPC) on Time Performance in Construction Projects Execution

  • Ameh O.J University of Lagos
  • Kayode I.O University of Lagos
  • Ajayi M.O University of Lagos
Keywords: Contractor, construction project, prequalification criteria, time performance


Delay in project delivery and abandonment could be linked to poor methods and procedures of selection of contractors. This research aims to examine the impact of Contractor Prequalification Criteria (CPC) on-time performance in construction projects execution. This study was carried out in Ondo State and the population of the study comprised of registered construction professionals in the study area who were registered members of their professional bodies, drawn from contracting organisations, consulting organisations and public client organisations. A total of 189 survey sample was drawn from 350 sample frame using the Digee bird statistics sample size calculator. A stratified random sampling technique was adopted and questionnaires were used to gather data. Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS)    version 21.0 was used to analyse the data using frequency, percentage, factor analysis and regression. The frequency of use of contractors’ prequalification criteria was presented using frequency table and the results in order of hierarchy are personnel capability, technical capability, organization reputation, work experience and capability, management capability, health and safety practices and financial capability. Factor analysis was used to reduce and regroup the variable listed on the CPC, and multiple regression model to determine the relationship with execution time performance. It was found that management capability, personnel capability, organisation reputation, financial capability and work experience and capability have an impact on time performance in construction projects execution. In conclusion, not engaging contractors with these criteria is like calling for a project failure. It is therefore recommended that construction practitioners should ensure that Contractor Prequalification Criteria (CPC) should include management capability, personnel capability, organisation reputation, financial capability; and work experience and capability should be given high priority during contractor selection to ensure the contractor meet up the time frame of the project.